Photos of September Light Collection

My first fabric collection, named "September Light" for In the Beginning Fabrics just arrived from the mill and I am so happy to post images of a labor of love that has finally come full circle! All of the 32 patterns are on quilting-quality 100% cotton and I am happy to say that it is nice and soft and has a high thread count, so it's great for quilts and any other sewing projects.
This collection is inspired by the beautiful world I see around me every day and nature's reminders to enjoy it.
Because no matter what is on the nightly news - outside, there patiently stands the old tree that shades my yard. Do dragonflies worry about the stock market? Don't think so. I take comfort and find such pleasure in being reminded that there is so much more to our world than errands, to-do lists and the dreaded news.
And I find that the month of September and it's magical light is when these lovely reminders are all around us. From the impossibly inky blue sky, to the glow of a bunch of flowers at dusk,
or the incredible smell of a dried grass field that becomes an impromptu stage for dancing sparrows. These are a few of the things that I thought about while painting these patterns.
So, I'm going to get sewing and we'll see what I can cook up! I hope to start a facebook page or blog especially for my fabric collections so that anyone who makes something can post a photo and share it. I would love to see and share your creations. 

The fabric should start to arrive at local shops by the end of August and there will even be a launch party at the small but mighty West Seattle Fabric Company in September. Thank you, Monica for being a supporter of your local artist!

Lastly, thank you, In the Beginning Fabrics for taking a leap of faith that my paintings would translate successfully onto fabric. I am so grateful that I was able to work with a high quality local company and meet the friendly faces that were going to make this dream happen.

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