Thursday, May 24, 2012

Show and Tell

I like to think of my fabric, patiently sitting on a store shelf, just waiting to be discovered by a creative soul who I hope will enjoy and lovingly transform it into a thing of their own. Since my first fabric collection, September Light, has been out in stores, I have been surprised and delighted to have seen so many very different examples of what can be done with it. It is truly amazing that every person has their own take on what to do and that has been such an exciting surprise! I though I would share with you a few "show and tells" -

To my delight, I got an email from a woman named Kim McBirnie all the way from England saying that she had made a quilt with my fabric. I just loooove when this happens - and am so curious to see what has been made. Kim has great quilting blog with a funny name that I love - "Never Teach a Chicken to Quilt" - she even has pet chickens that she includes in some of her posts! From what I can tell, Kim started quilting at the beginning of the year and has made two quilts using September Light. Here they are!

 I love how she used white to frame the rich colors of the fabric, and the large flower print on the border and then dark purple really frames it so nicely.
Below is the first one she made - this was as a birthday present - and has a quote from Peter Pan - "Second star to the right - and straight on till morning". Nice present!
My second show and tell comes from Lindsey Murray at the Interweave blog, Quilting Daily. She posted on covering tea tins with fabric. Thought it was a cute, fast and easy project - and could be applied not just to tea tins, but other storage containers as well.
 I also love the idea of "repurposing"perfectly good things that might otherwise end up in recycling or at the dump.

And, last but not at all least, Paula, who is the Wholesale Manager at In the Beginning made what's called an "origami" purse - check it out on their blog~ She was clever to make it double the size of the pattern, so it's the perfect size to carry almost anything, and what you don't see are the multitude of pockets and alternating fabric on the inside.

I am continually pleasantly surprised to see all of the different ways that people use the same fabric. Now, with my second fabric collection, "Painted Summer" being printed at the mill as I write this, the cycle will start over. The difference is that now I have one extra thing to look forward to! Happy sewing/quilting/whatever makes you happy!
XO - Lida

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